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Christianity :The best kept secret in the 21st century

Before you start reading this article, I would like to challenge you spot a Christian from the crowd on your daily commute, in school or at work. It is tougher to spot a Christian in the 21st century as compared to 64AD where Christians in the Roman empire, under emperor Nero, were persecuted. 

With 1.2 billion Christians in the world, statistically 1 out of every 6 people you meet should be a believer. It should not be that hard to find one but why did you struggle to find one as you looked around you? 

So where have our fellow believers gone? 

In a digital world, everyone wants to be heard and be seen. They started talking more about themselves and less of God. They started loving themselves more and others less. They started conforming to the populist view that certain acts are  right and that the bible is "outdated" or believers are "conservatives" and we should learn to embrace the sins of this world just because the small minority thinks it is the right thing to do. My question to them is "who told them what was right/wrong? Was it their moral compass? If so, how could they be sure that is their inner voice guiding them to the truth, and not the voice of the world?" 

At Sunday Valley, we believe that each and every one of us is called to pick up our cross and spread the word of God till the ends of the Earth. Yet, many of today's youth are lost and have seem to have forgotten Christ.

To many individuals, their faith and relationship with God is a closely guarded secret with many having the mindset that my relationship with God is nobody's business. The truth is, God is using his relationship with us as a platform to reach the other lost sheep amongst us and it would be selfish of us to keep this beautiful God that we know of to ourselves. 

We know that is tough to bring up the topic of God in a social setting or even with a partner, which is why we developed Sunday Valley with the emphasis on building an iconic fashion brand first with God embedded within our products. This allows anyone to use our product but for those amongst us who have received the courage from God to use our product as a means of introducing the faith to our fellow brothers and sisters out there. 

The origin

The idea of Sunday Valley came about when I was going through a tough period in my life and I remember the bible app would send me daily notifications at 6.18pm sharing with me the verse of the day. While most people receive their verses in the morning as they were about to get started with their day, I got mine in the evenings just before I left school. Funnily enough, I never bothered to change the timing of the daily notification, and I actually started to look forward to these verse of the day especially towards the end of my day as it provided me with a source of respite from the tough day that I had and served as a source of motivation as I tackled the 2nd part of my day (which was studying into the night/working). 

One day, it finally hit me that the reason I could seem so relaxed on the outside despite my struggles was because I knew God would be there for me at 6.18pm every day with a verse. The verse served as a source of motivation, encouragement, and to a large extent filled the void within me. 

I want to spread the feeling of 'chancing' upon God in our daily lives, be it on the train, at work, or in school. I believe that each of us who knows God has a part to play in spreading the 6.18pm joy to someone else out there who may be feeling down or had a rough day and to always remind them that "they are never truly alone in this journey we call life"